Thai Mothers Care for Their Fluffy Children in Adorable New Pedigree Spot

For the past 30 years, Pedigree has been Thailand’s No.1 dog food. While other brands communicate with people based on benefits of their products. Pedigree aimed to shift the communication message to another level in a more touching, insightful approach.

In Thailand, it is a norm for Thai dog owners, especially for women, to perceive their pet dogs as their own children.

Pedigree-Thailand-Dog-Mothers-Day-Branding-in-AsiaTo communicate based on their ‘Feed the good’ campaign, Pedigree worked on this insight to show how dogs and owners bringing the good in each other in their latest commercial ‘Mothers’, which was launched on Thailand’s Mother’s day along with another Mother’s Day commercial. Something another pet food brand has never done before.

The film by BBDO Bangkok, tells the story as a typical Mother’s day commercial. It shows how various mothers dedicate and devote themselves to take care of their children in many ways.

The story later reveals that the ‘children’ are not human but are actually dogs, portraying the insights of how Thai dog owners love their dogs unconditionally just like their own children like they are mothers to them. And in return, their ‘children’ give unconditional love back to their ‘mothers’.

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