“Brand Refresh for Finland’s Most Iconic Water Brand”

Hartwall’s Novelle unveils a new bespoke 3D bottle design, identity and pack graphics designed by BrandMe to strengthen the brand’s unique point of difference, its quality, freshness and purity and reassert its standout and position as Finland’s most iconic and tastiest refreshment for every consumer occasion.

Mira Kujanpää, Brand Manager Water and Wellbeing at Hartwall comments: It has been a pleasure working with BrandMe. Their strategic contribution to the repositioning of Novelle and their highly creative and technical skills delivered a bottle, brand identity and portfolio design that communicate Novelle’s vibrant, active and progressive personality. We are confident that the new design will strengthen Novelle’s position as a treasured icon of everyday Finnish life offering the most natural refreshment choice.”

BrandMe created a new bottle to modernise the brand, communicate the purity and Finnish provenance of the brand leader as well as its dynamic personality. The result is an ownable look that strengthens the brand’s premium appeal. 

The new shape works in synergy with a clear label, revised identity and range communication that increases shelf standout, clarifies the brand positioning and the usage benefits of each of the individual products. The label is positioned higher to increase brand visibility and create strong visual blocking on shelf, reasserting the brand’s leadership.

The brief was also to evolve and convey Novelle’s positioning as a natural icon of Finland. Filtered through ancient Finnish gravel ridges, it brings consumers the purest and most natural and invigorating refreshment from its own well, in a land producing the best water in the World. 

At the same time, BrandMe worked on emphasising the emotional and functional benefits of Novelle Plus, to make the range easier to shop and enhance flavour communication. The new graphic architecture is easy to adapt and stretch for future brand innovations. 

Designer, Tom Mitchell, says ‘Novelle is such an iconic brand, so careful crafting of the logo and graphics was required. Creating a distinctive bottle shape with a clear label really helped to restate the brand’s premium quality, the purity, refreshment & taste that consumers have come to expect from Novelle,’

Source: BrandMe

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