There is a buzz around what Studio Unbound and Jam Packed have done now!

Studio Unbound recently celebrated the rebrand of Jam Packed Preserves which launched the new packaging of their award-winning products in 2022. Jam Packed have teamed up with Studio Unbound once again to bring you a new range of products: Raw Honey.

Jam Packed in their core business work with local farmers and are dedicated in preserving the British insect wildlife that help us enjoy such lovely produce they make, such as the local strawberries that are in their jams. One insect especially comes to mind when we talk of these beneficial insects that help us grow our British fruit and veg. The humble honeybee. 

Starting with a small apiary in their own garden, founders Sue and Kevin soon had a surplus supply of honey that they or their bees could not consume. Which got them thinking, other local bee-keeper hobbyists would be having a similar challenge. This is where the idea of Surrey Honey was born. 

Jam Packed gathers surplus honey from Surrey apiaries as well as their own garden, ensuring that nothing goes to waste and package it up in their new branded jars that were created by Studio Unbound. 

The new packaging is simple and uses the black label and lid with the honey colour to create the iconic and distinctive strips of the honeybee. Each apiary provides a slightly different honey colour depending on what the bees have been feeding on in their local surroundings, which is similar to how bees themselves vary in colour, making quite an impact when shelved together.

To distinguish what honey came from what apiary, there is a sticker on the lid that is colour coded and has space for the apiary name and the hive lot number to be handwritten on. This handwritten element further echoes the artisan feel of these unpasteurised natural honeys.

The bee design references are further echoes in the multipack that uses a wooden box in a similar style of an apiary and the corrugated cardboard that is mimics the honeycomb itself. 

A simple but elegant answer to a beautiful initiative. 

Studio Unbound is a small-but-mighty branding studio that works with aspiring founders of FMCG brands. They always try to deliver work that’s a little different, breaks the mould, and demands to be noticed.

Source: Studio Unbound

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