This Beer Is Supposed to Taste Exactly like a Snickers Bar

Attention beer lovers with a sweet tooth: An Illinois brewery called Pollyanna Brewing Company has created a new beer, called the Fun Size Milk Stout, and it’s supposed to taste exactly like a Snickers bar.

The market is already saturated with chocolate flavored beer, and there is, of course, this beer that is brewed with nothing but cocoa beans, but it’s the specificity of this creation that makes it so intriguing. Snickers, does, after all, have a signature taste; the sweet chocolate and caramel get a kick from the salty peanuts. It’s really the ideal chocolate bar.

According to the brewery, the Fun Size beer is a milk stout, and keeping in line with the ingredients of the candy bar it was inspired by, it’s brewed with lactose milk sugar, sticky oats, peanuts, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs, and sea salt. VinePair also notes that it doesn’t overdo the sweetness factor of the beer.

As Food & Wine has noted in the past, milk stouts tend to already have “chocolaty flavors,”but this one sounds particularly committed to that flavor profile. Sounds like the perfect drink to indulge in post-Halloween, while your kids, or any other children in your life, are working through their stash of actual fun-size Snickers bars.

In the last year, the beer world has been experiencing an explosion of flavored beers. Recently, we’ve witnessed the launch of ramen beeravocado flavored ale, and even a Belgian wit beer flavored with ginger and star anise to mimic the smell of the Vietnamese soup Pho.

Maybe some of these novelty flavors are made to attract people who don’t normally drink beer or to show off the impressive brewing skills of the people behind them, who clearly enjoy experimenting with different flavors.  Either way, if you want to try this one, it’s now on tap at their Illinois taproom.

Source: Food and Wine

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