THIS sets a minimum salary of £35k – double the national minimum wage – to cover London living costs and to fairly treat workers in FMCG companies

THIS, the hyper-realistic plant-based meat start-up located in West London, is setting a minimum salary of £35,000 per annum throughout the company to take into account London costs of living and to treat people fairly for the work put into a fast-moving business like food startups.


The initiative includes entry-level positions and offers approximately double the national minimum wage as well as 55 percent more than the London Living Wage annual salary.
Salary progression is not hindered past this and is assessed as normal by responsibilities and skills as people climb the ladder.

Andy Shovel, Co-Founder of THIS, says: “The tough job market at the moment means there may be some instances where junior members are being offered lower salaries than usual and are expected to take on a colossal amount of work, but that doesn’t really take fairness or the bonkers London living costs into account.

“Come this summer, we’re all hoping to pile back into the office, and want to make sure we’ve left enough headroom in our minimum salary for team members to not just exist in London, but enjoy all of those things we’ve missed – whether that’s the pub, showing their Tinder date a good time or buying some over-priced Apple headphones.

“We’re a start-up with high costs but I resolved that we must try our best to blaze a trail for other businesses to help keep the job market fair, and make sure that our entry-level members are properly appreciated for the hard work put into fast-moving companies.”


Source: THIS

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