Tiba Tempeh becomes the world’s highest-scoring meat-free B-Corp!

Tiba Tempeh is now the world’s highest scoring B-Corp™ in the meat-free category with a significant impact score of 108.8. The company is also the 8th highest-scoring UK food B-Corp from over 170 certified UK Food B Corps.

B-Corp certification recognises companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Tiba Tempeh’s B-Corp certification underscores its commitment to outstanding practices such as: 

  • All products are 100% plant-based and have a “very low” carbon footprint verified by My Emissions analysis. 
  • All products are organic, using no pesticides or chemical fertilisers.  
  • They only use sustainably certified, non-GMO soybeans from reputable growers. 
  • They promote a diverse workplace and prioritise team well-being.
  • They work with mission-aligned partners who share their commitment to a positive and sustainable future. 

Ross Longton, Co-Founder of Tiba Tempeh said: “We originally started the business as a force for good, and becoming a certified B Corp™ is confirmation that we are on the right path. This is just the start of our B-Corp journey as we continue to improve our impact on people and the planet”

Tiba Tempeh has seen rapid growth, with sales growing 330% in the past quarter. The brand is now listed in UK stores such as Sainsbury’s, Ocado, and Planet Organic. This year the brand has also successfully expanded into Europe launching nationwide in Spain and France including listings in Carrefour, one of Europe’s biggest retailers.

Source: Tiba Tempeh

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