Tracy McGrady Invites Fans To Beat The Heat With Evolution Of Hydration

EVOLUTION OF HYDRATION T-MACNBA sensation Tracy McGrady is inviting fans to make the hottest season of the year, summer 2013, the most unforgettable experience ever by participating in the “Evolution of Hydration.”

Beginning April, fans are encouraged to text their answer to the question “What’s T-Mac drinking” with the opportunity to be one of the lucky 10 grand prizewinners taking home the biggest prize package of the summer, which includes an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas, concert tickets to Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Justin Bieber or tickets to the 2013 NBA Final Four.

Fans will have thirty days to text their answer, email and name to 9174367093. The first ten correct answers are eligible to receive one of the exclusive summer prizes.

In addition, 90 fans with the correct answer will receive the item T-Mac is holding and the drink inside. A product designed for hydration and revitalization, it transforms the way energy is absorbed and replenishes in the body.

“I compete night in and night out with the best of the best and I need to make sure I put the right things in my body. This drink provides me with all the essential vitamins, while keeping me energized and hydrated,” says Tracy McGrady.

“Evolution of Hydration” summer challenge is bringing to life its “Live for Now” inspiration, which places fans at the center of a summer experience never to be forgotten. It will also promote healthy messages to educate people about the significant danger of consuming excessive sugar.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average American consumes 156 pounds of added sugar per year. That’s five grocery store shelves loaded with 30 one-pound bags of sugar.

Fans can receive daily hints or get involved with the social conversation by tweeting @Tmachydration with the hashtag #WHATSTMACDRINKING and liking T-Mac Hydration Facebook page.

Submission for “What’s T-Mac Drinking” will end April 30th.

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