Trooper And Robinson Announce Limited Edition Collector Bottle Caps

To celebrate each of the iconic Iron Maiden studio albums, TROOPER and Robinsons brewery have launched exclusive collector bottlecaps. Rolling out on all TROOPER beer from October, two million bottlecaps commemorating 16 different Iron Maiden records will be available globally wherever TROOPER beer is sold.

The latest launch from TROOPER and Robinsons will drive purchase rate, create excitement and offer something new for fans to engage with. Around for a limited time only whilst stocks last, fans will have to be quick off the mark to collect them all as some cap designs are more difficult to find than others.

Collectors can also buy an exclusive collector frame from Robinson’s Brewery to showcase their bottlecaps. The launch of the limited edition bottlecaps coincides with Iron Maiden’s ongoing ‘Legacy of The Beast’ Tour and the recently released studio collection.

Sam Kennerley, Trooper Brand Manager, said: “Iron Maiden and TROOPER fans are some of the most dedicated and passionate in the world, so we wanted to create something completely new and different for them. Iron Maiden is so iconic and distinctive, and creating the bottlecaps is just one of the ways we wanted to celebrate the band and its amazing artwork.

“TROOPER caters to both fans of Iron Maiden as well as fans of good beer. To our knowledge no other beer brand has ever done this before, so we are eager to see the excitement that the bottlecaps bring.”

Appearing on all TROOPER beer from October, the new limited-edition bottlecaps will also appear on the Halloween inspired Day of the Dead limited-edition bottle, which will be appearing now whilst stocks last.

Source: Trooper Beer

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