Trump Hates This!

THIS™ | Trump Hates THIS | Adam Morley from YES. on Vimeo.

The agency HellYeah has launched this funny film for the cheeky alternative meat brand, THIS™

Trump isn’t having a good week. He doesn’t just have a problem with vote counts and Fake News, he’s out to attach Fake Meat too. The work is running across THIS™ social channels.


Client: THIS

Co Founder: Andy Shovel

Co Founder: Pete Sharman

Marketing Director: Sophia Halberstam

Content Marketing Manager: Alexandra Glynn

Agency: Hell Yeah! 

Head of Creative: Dulcie Cowling

Managing Partner: Josh Clarricoats

Director & editor: Adam Morley
Producer: Sam Ojari
Director of photography: Yannick Hausler
Art Director: Jessie Huckin
Researcher / PA: Charlie Milner
GFX: Maisie Tuckett

Source: HellYeah 

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