Two leaves tea company wins first place for Jasmine Petal tea sachet

at 2012 North American Tea Championship’s Packaged Single Service Class competition
Two leaves Jasmine Petal Two leaves tea company continues its tradition of producing award-winning tea, recently being awarded first place for its Jasmine Petal tea at the North American Tea Championship in the Jasmine Scented Green Tea category of the 2012 Packaged Single-Service Class.

Jasmine Petal has always been one of our best selling teas, and so this award confirms what fans of two leaves tea™ have always known,” says two leaves CEO and Founder Richard Rosenfeld.

Two leaves’ Jasmine Petal whole leaf green tea is hill-grown in China. The tea leaves are then dried with jasmine flower petals to absorb their scent and flavor. Jasmine tea that qualifies for this competition must be scented without added flavorings, herbs or other agents.

“The quality of the teas showed a significant level of professionalism,” said North American Tea Championship Judge Mike Spillane of the G.S. Haley Company, Inc., a tea wholesaler in Redwood City, Calif. “There was a lot of thought put into these premium teas.”

A panel of professional cuppers judged Jasmine Petal and other submissions based on brewed color, aroma, flavor, mouth-feel and harmony. The ratings of each characteristic were then used to calculate an overall numerical value on a 100-point scale, with winners being determined by rank. In judging Jasmine Scented Green Tea, judges were looking specifically for tea that brews up bright and clear, light to medium bodied and golden to green in color. The tea should also have a natural jasmine aroma balanced with a vegetal green tea aroma, and the flavor profile should be a balance of floral, sweet and slightly astringent.

The North American Tea Championship is produced by World Tea Media, a company that provides business solutions to the global tea industry. Their championship is the only professionally judged tea competition on this continent.

Spillane says even he, as a professional, has difficulty choosing the right single-service packaged tea at a market or online. “My advice? When looking for a single-service tea, choose teas that are packaged in the pyramid tea bags; they present a greater selection and you have a higher chance of getting a specialty tea because it holds whole leaf, unlike the traditional flat-packed tea bags.”

About two leaves tea company…

Two leaves tea company is based in Basalt, Colo., and specializes in whole leaf, organic tea packed in compostable, pyramid-shaped tea sachets. The company was recently awarded a first place prize for its Jasmine Petal tea sachet by the North American Tea Championship. Two leaves tea company travels to the world’s premier tea growing regions to meet farmers and taste tea in its purest, native form. The company’s commitment to “go there” allows it to bring the experience of the gardens back to its customers by providing exceptional whole leaf tea from only the best harvests. For more information about the tea company visit

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