UTZ Certified Launches Sustainable Hazelnuts Farming Initiative In Turkey

Picture_HazelnutsUTZ Certified is launching a three-year initiative in Turkey aimed at bringing sound sustainability standards to hazelnut farming. A pilot project will be implemented across three hazelnut producing regions in the country; Trabzon and Giresun in the Northeast, and Duzce in the Northwest; where about 175 farmers are expected to take part. UTZ members such as Migros/Delica AG, Natra and REWE Group are actively collaborating in this initiative.

UTZ is the first certification scheme to address the three pillars of sustainability in hazelnut farming: people, profit and planet. During this pilot project UTZ Certified will apply a set of requirements covering safe and healthy working conditions, good agricultural practices and protection of the environment in order to bring the hazelnuts sector to sustainable production.

Turkey accounts for over 70% of hazelnut production worldwide, with the majority imported to European countries and used in the confectionery industry. The latter is aware of the need for greater sustainability measures in the sector which will lead to better products for consumers.

“UTZ is keen to take up the challenge and expects to have its first certified hazelnut production in the market by the beginning of 2016,” says Han De Groot, executive director at UTZ Certified. “UTZ has proved that with a committed coalition of partners from trade, food industry, retail and NGOs it is possible to invest in a credible sustainability program for cocoa, coffee and tea. Now is the time to apply our experience in the hazelnuts sector,” he concluded.

The requirements for sustainable hazelnut farming were developed in close consultation with farmers, industry, governmental institutions, NGOs and other stakeholders. They have been compiled into a draft hazelnut module, designed to sit alongside the UTZ Certified core code of conduct. The module was open for public consultation via the UTZ website from March 1st to April 14th, and a second round of consultation will follow in 2015.

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