Wall’s Miniature Ice Cream Van Is Giving Us Serious Office Envy

Ice cream brand Wall’s is on a mission to ‘melt away seriousness’.

In order to fulfill this mission, creative agency DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam created an ice cream truck that fits in the office elevators and corridors around the globe: The Office Ice Cream Truck, a tiny ice cream truck that sneaks into offices and brings ice cream directly to the workplace.

The quirky little four-wheeler is part of Wall’s global ‘Goodbye Serious’ campaign that is all about letting a bit of joy in more often.

The Office Ice Cream Truck2The feel-good online film sees how the miniature truck drives around an office to surprise employees. It cruises through corridors playing the ever-recognizable ice cream truck jingle and moves from floor to floor via the elevator to deliver Cornetto’s and Calippo’s to the unsuspecting employees.

The Ice Cream Truck isn’t just used in the online film. As part of the global campaign office employees can nominate their own office for a surprise visit by the little truck to melt away their own serious, or call for a desk order of ice cream at the Wall’s Facebook page.

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