Weetabix Claims Top Spot For Protein Cereal

The UK’s biggest cereal brand, Weetabix, has once again picked up a Product of the Year Award for its new Weetabix Protein product.

Weetabix Protein, the biggest-selling launch of 2016 in the total cereals category, was voted Number One by more than 12,000 households, as Protein Cereals Product of the Year. This follows wins in previous years for the brand, including Weetabix Protein Crunch a year earlier.

Kevin Verbruggen, Head of Brand for Weetabix, said: “Weetabix Protein has proven to be a huge hit with health-conscious consumers, attracting shoppers back to the cereal aisle, and adding value to the category. UK shoppers spent £13m on protein cereals last year (more than double the previous year), and Weetabix Protein accounted for over half of these sales. Many consumers are keen to fill up with a high-protein breakfast. Weetabix Protein contains only naturally occurring wheat protein, is high in fibre & low in sugar. Since its introduction, we’ve been overwhelmed with consumers’ responses!”

Weetabix Protein was supported by a TV campaign in 2016, which continues throughout 2017.

Source: Weetabix

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