YOP joins forces with LDN UTD to launch “YOP Esports Champs”

Leading drinkable yogurt brand YOP from Yoplait has partnered with LDN UTD, the esports organisation that unites social responsibility, to be title sponsor for December’s Inter-Borough Esports Championships. 

Taking place in collaboration with the Mayor of London, the competition aims to engage residents of Hackney, Lambeth, Lewisham, and Kingston, in partnership with outreach groups, including the Rio Ferdinand Foundation, Wicker Charity, and Kingston Race and Equalities Council.

During the YOP Esports Champs, YOP will support contestants with its drinkable yogurts, create bespoke challenges for digital workshops, and offer people a bespoke gaming console giveaway instore at ASDA.

In addition, YOP will assist LDN UTD on workshops starting on 1st December and provide participants with the broader skills for working in esports, on topics including public speaking, video production/editing and social media management. Ultimately providing teens with the support to develop skills that could make a difference for their future development.

Each workshop will be delivered by academics from Salford University, Staffordshire University London, University of East London, or Morley College Chelsea, in tandem with industry professionals from esports organisations such as Fnatic, Gfinity, Blast, Manchester City FC, and Leyton Orient Football Club. 

Joanna Goodman, Yoplait UK Head of Marketing said: “YOP is committed to championing positive nutrition and supporting teens to live their passions and drive positive change. A source of calcium & vitamin D, YOP is a great tasting nutritious snack for players and fans who share our common love for e-sport.”

Oliver Weingarten, Founder and CEO of LDN UTD adds: “From our first discussions it was clear that LDN UTD and YOP were very much aligned on values and messaging to the esports community. We are both looking to bring about positive change through education and esports and having someone on board who shares a common goal will enable us to reach more members of the community.”

Source: Yoplait

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