Yoplait Yogurt The Perfect Snack For A Lunch Makeover

8c191eb2-5e26-4323-8853-485e687bffe1.HRTrying to find fun new ways to give your kids a lunch that is trade-proof? Newly reformulated Yoplait Go-Gurt yogurt is a great choice to add to lunches for a number of reasons — no high-fructose corn syrup and has natural flavours and colours. Just the same great taste and fun only Yoplait can deliver in a tube.

“Our consumers expressed their need for a product that doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup for their kids and we listened and acted,” said Justin Conzemius, Yoplait associate marketing director.

“For the past year, we have been working on a product that would achieve those goals, yet continue to deliver a product that kids found fun and delicious.”

48a7e49f-6d4c-40a2-b2ac-9704009651a6.HRWith the school year in full swing, Go-Gurt makes a great lunchbox addition for back-to-school fun because it is designed to freeze and thaw by lunchtime. Moms can make lunches trade-proof by doing a few simple, yet creative makeovers to a traditional sandwich.

How about an owl-shaped sandwich for a change?

Take two slices of bread and add your kid’s favourite items, such cheese and meat, or for some crunch, sliced cucumbers and cream cheese.

Cut the sandwich at the corners to make one large triangle and two small ones. Add a couple cucumber slices and raisins for eyes and triangle-shaped piece of cheese for the nose.

Your kids will be surprised when they open their lunch container and find an owl staring at them, and with a little fruit, some pretzels and a Go- Gurt yogurt, they are set!

15fac450-0882-4520-a0af-ab04b0689917.HRSharpen your kid’s minds with a pencil-shaped sandwich. Simply cut the corners to make a tip at the top of the sandwich filled with kid’s favourites. Top with a piece of cheese cut-out like a sharpened pencil, ridges and all, thin slice a piece of whit e cheese and meat for the eraser. Serve in the lunch container with some sliced vegetables and fruit. Finish off the lunch with one of the many Go- Gurt yogurt flavours — another trade-proof lunch.

For some spooky fun, cut the bread of a sandwich with a little body-shaped cookie cutter.

Top with thin slices of white cheese, layered over each other to appear like a little wrapped mummy sandwich. Use candy-flavoured eyes to peek out. Add some fruit, carrots and an olive-shaped spider for the “trick” and refreshing Go- Gurt for the “treat.”

cc85f775-71be-43f5-8173-b13e80571dd6.HRTo keep drinks cool, freeze the Go- Gurt the night before and in the morning band it to the lunch container with a bottle of water or favourite beverage. The frozen Go- Gurt will help keep the water cool and then it will thaw by lunchtime for a great snack.

In addition, Go- Gurt also is a perfect afternoon snack for mom to continue to feel good about giving to her kids.

With 30 years of experience, Yoplait continues to bring innovation to the category by focusing on consumers’ varying needs from a trusted brand they can rely on and is fun for their families.

A good source of calcium, Go- Gurt yogurt contains natural colours and flavours and has at least 10 percent daily value of Vitamin A and D.

The reformulated Go- Gurt has new packaging with the health messages called out, and all the same great flavours.

Available in 8 and 16-count package varieties; the tube offerings are as fun as they are healthy. With a suggested retail price of $2.89 per 8-pack and $4.99 per 16-pack, Go- Gurt is available nationally in the refrigerated aisle.

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