You Can Now Mail Slices Of Delicious ‘Cake’ To Your Friends & Family

Sheknows1Ever wished that you can mail some cake to a friend on his or her birthday? Now you almost can, with these cake-shaped postcards that can actually be delivered via post.

Sandra Denneler of has created a DIY tutorial for making these incredibly realistic cake postcards—all you need is a large sponge, spray paint, caulk, spray adhesive and heavy paper.

Topped with yummy-looking icing, these “cakes” also feature piped “cream” down the middle—simply stick a piece of paper on one side for the address, message and stamps.

Each postcard would cost about US$3 to mail—we think that it would be absolutely delightful to receive one of these in the letter box.

Find out how you can make your own mailable cake here.

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