A Beer Made From A Recipe That Is 3,000 Years Old

Egtved Girl's Brew1The Danish National Museum and Skands Brewery have come together to make a beer using a recipe that is 3,000 years old.

Called “Egtved Girl’s Brew”, the beer is named after a Nordic girl who lived during the Bronze Age, and is a reconstruction of the brew that she and her people probably drank 1,370 years BCE.

The recipe is based on samples taken from a bark beer bucket buried in an ancient coffin. The coffin was discovered in Denmark in 1921, and historians and brewers had to determine the beer’s ingredients from this residue.

“We had the basic list for the beer, but the challenge was to find the relationship between the ingredients, and we had to taste our way to a result,” said Peter Steen Henriksen, a curator at the Danish National Museum.

Although this beer was brewed based on guesswork, it will be intriguing to taste something that was close to what our ancestors drunk thousands of years ago.

You can buy the beer here—it is made from wheat malt, honey and bog myrtle.

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