A Beer You Can Spread On Toast

Beer1Beer lovers, rejoice! You now can have your beer, and eat it too.

A collaboration between two Italian companies from Lazio, chocolate makers Napoleone and beer brewery Alta Quota have created a beer you can spread like butter.

An ingenious creation that’s a dream come true for those who love their alcohol, the spreadable beer is described as sweet, “smooth and creamy” and comes in light and dark beer options from Alta Quota: ‘Omid Dark Ale’ and Greta Blond Ale’.

The Greta Blond Ale flavor is delicate and light; while the Omid Dark Ale flavor, more intense and full-bodied in taste.

Emanuela Laurenzi, co-founder of Alta Quota, explained to Italy Magazine that the spreadable beer was actually inspired by a friend who owns the chocolatier.

birraspalmabile“Pietro Napoleone… was making fun of us telling us that it would be possible to eat beer and not only drink it, and that it was just a matter of thickening it,” Laurenzi said. “So just like chemists, we started to experiment with different types of beers.”

The beer spread can be eaten with toast, and can even be used as a cake and tart filling, cake frosting and crêpe spread—it even goes well with cheese and appetizers.

The Italian spreadable beer is sold in jars at Selfridges, retailing at £8 (about US$12.50) each.

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