A Cheeky Wine Packaging That Is Covered With Graphical Old-School Insults

El Xitxarel•lo1Made 100% with Xarel•lo, a grape variety from Penedès, Catalonia, the El Xitxarel•lo by the Martí Serdà Winery has an unconventional, cheeky packaging that is based on vintage insults.

Designed by Albert Virgili Hill, the packaging features 77 old-school Catalan insults and each one is represented by a cheeky graphic that conveys its meaning.

The wine has two aims, and that is to “promote the consumption of local wine, and also to recover the good old art of vintage insulting”—the funny insults printed on the bottle, which originated from the vineyard, are dying out because they can sound naïve.

El Xitxarel•lo5At the side of the bottle, there is a there’s a fake alcoholometer, the “Trompímetre” that would tell you just how drunk you are with insults—as you finish the wine, you would go from “a little bit drunk” to “a bottle emptier”.

Even if you do not understand Catalan, this is still a fun, good-looking bottle to own—view more images of it below.

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