A ‘Sushi Helicopter’ That Delivers Meals To Customers

Yo! Sushi, a popular sushi chain in London, has found an innovative new way to deliver fresh sushi and sashimi to its customers.

Called the ‘iTray’, it is a mini helicopter that can travel up to 25 miles an hour—more than six times the walking speed of a waiter.

Controlled via iPad, restaurant staff can load food onto its tray and fly the drone to a customer’s table up to 50 yards away.

Once the customers retrieve their meals, the iTray will be flown back.

According to the Daily Mail, there are only two devices in operation, but if the iTray proves popular, it could be introduced to all of Yo! Sushi’s 64 UK stores next year.

Recently, Domino’s Pizza introduced a similar drone called the ‘DomiCopter’ that is able to deliver pizzas by air.

Are helicopters the new way to deliver ‘fast’ food?

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