Absolut, the UK’s No.1 premium vodka[1], has today launched its latest partnership, reinforcing the brand’s long and proud history of inspirational collaborations and bringing to life Absolut’s core belief that incredible things can be achieved when we mix and come together. The brand has partnered with Heinz, creators of world-renowned tomato-based products, to bring its own version of the much-loved Pasta alla Vodka recipe to consumers. The limited-edition jars of Heinz x Absolut Tomato Vodka Pasta Sauce can be pre-ordered now from www.heinztohome.co.uk ahead of launch in Waitrose from 12th April.

The unexpected partnership sees the two iconic brands come together for the first time and takes inspiration from a spicy vodka pasta recipe that went viral across TikTok and Instagram in 2020 thanks to a certain supermodel. As one of the world’s top ten international spirit brands, Absolut Vodka has partnered with Heinz to bring its own take on the dish to UK supermarkets, and the launch will be supported by in-store shippers, OOH, paid-social and influencer activity.

A match made in pasta heaven, the vodka is the magic that unlocks the flavours and intensifies the aroma of the rich and creamy tomato, basil and cheese sauce in Heinz x Absolut Tomato Vodka Pasta Sauce. During the cooking process, the alcohol from the vodka is reduced, boosting the volatile flavour compounds already present in the tomatoes and creating a rich texture that perfectly balances the creamy, cheese notes with the rich tomato and fragrant basil.

Leanne Banks, Marketing Director at Pernod Ricard UK, commented: “It’s only natural that we’d partner with Heinz on this ultimate collaboration between two iconic brands, with two iconic bottles. As the UK’s no.1 premium vodka, Absolut was Born to Mix, whether that’s in delicious drinks or fun food combinations and Heinz x Absolut Tomato Vodka Pasta Sauce is a match made in heaven. Now fans of our brand can enjoy Absolut in an entirely new and innovative way, Pasta alla Vodka style.”

Tad Greenough, Brand Creative Director at The Absolut Company, said: “With any partnership, we start with the consumer first – what’s in it for them, and why would they care?  We knew there was incredible demand for Penne alla Vodka – partly fuelled by the social media hype when a celebrity shared the recipe online. We then thought we could bring the best of two worlds together – the best tomatoes and the best vodka. Now that would be something. Pronto, Heinz x Absolut Tomato Vodka Pasta Sauce.”

Caio Fontenele, Heinz New Ventures Director, said: “While it may have taken over 150 years of tomato expertise to launch our first Heinz pasta sauce, we’re determined to continue innovating and delighting consumers with delicious flavours, at the speed of social media trends. We are thrilled with the partnership between these two centenary brands, bringing the first tomato vodka pasta sauce to major UK supermarkets. The iconic combination of Heinz’s high-quality tomato sauces and Absolut’s premium vodka is set to offer fans the ultimate pasta alla vodka experience. And the result is absolutely delicious!”

Vodka remains the No.1 spirit in the Off-Trade and Absolut holds a majority 57.6% share in the Premium Vodka category[2]. A limited number of the Heinz x Absolut Tomato Vodka Pasta sauce jars will be available at Waitrose from mid-April for £2.50 for a 350g jar,and can be pre-ordered now from www.heinztohome.co.uk for delivery ahead of retail launch.

Source: Pernod Ricard UK

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