Anchor Rolls Out New Pastry Range Featuring ‘Tastes Like Homemade’ Positioning

anchor pastry 2_0Dairy produce brand Anchor has rolled out a new product range, Anchor Pastry, with brand and packaging design by Elmwood.

The range will roll out on 19 October across Asda supermarkets nationwide, with Elmwood tasked to ensure that the main brand’s key qualities were evoked by the new product packaging, which will include the proposition ‘Tastes like homemade’.

Elmwood has explained that the design of the packaging aimed to expand upon Anchor’s brand tradition, and included its main branding and ribbon, while adding simple illustrations of baking utensils.

Louise Thornton, brand manager at Anchor, praised Elmwood’s work and said that she believed the designs would help achieve stand out with retailers and consumers.

The range will include two types of pastry products; Anchor Shortcrust Pastry and Anchor Puff Pastry.

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