Austin’s by Co-Partnership

Cool climate, warm welcome

When it comes to fine wine, the Austin family have a clear philosophy. Quality is non-negotiable, but ultimately, wine is created to bring people together and to share good times.

A family of the Geelong community, the Austin’s pride themselves on their inclusivity and hospitality. When you visit their winery in the cool climate region, it’s a warm welcome that you receive.

It’s this brand truth that inspired Co-Partnership‘ creative idea.

They approached the brief with two clear ambitions; to confidently
communicate the brand’s dedication to making seriously good wines; and to capture the relaxed and welcoming tone of the Austin’s hospitality – who says fine wine has to be stuffy?!

Following the success of the 6Ft6 Wines re-brand in 2013 – where they transformed a brand in decline into Australia’s highest selling privately owned Pinot Noir brand – the Austin’s portfolio is now complete. A range of super–premium wines that take the height of fine wine a few steps higher.

Source: Co-Partnership

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