Australia’s Pizza Capers Says ‘Life’s Too Short for a Crap Wrap’ in New Campaign

Australian gourmet pizza retailer Pizza Capers has branched into the wrap market and has launched its latest “Phat Boy Pizza Wrap” campaign on TV, cinema and digital media created via advertising agency Boomshaka.

The “Phat Boy Pizza Wrap” is the latest product development in the highly competitive pizza industry and provides consumers with bigger, tastier, more filling wraps than many of their food service competitors.

Pizza Capers’ managing director, Sherree Halliwell, said the Phat Boy Pizza Wrap was created to access the growing lunch occasion, after research showed Australians are now eating take-out more at lunchtime than at dinner.

Halliwell said: “New research from CREST into the Australian Quick Service Restaurant industry shows that in 2016 more Australians were eating takeout at lunch (43 per cent) as opposed to dinner (31 per cent), so for us it is about extending our menu to provide a tastier convenience option to consumers. Australians love pizza and they love wraps, so we came up with the idea of combining the mouth-watering tastiness of a pizza with the convenience of a lunch wrap…and we think they’re pretty ‘phat’.”

The new TVC once again features the brand’s Aussie larrikin, “Tracker Tracker”, introduced late last year to track the big chain pizza delivery drivers and replace ‘crappy’ pizzas with high quality, gourmet Pizza Capers pizzas.

Pizza Capers have again worked with Boomshaka, who bring a dynamic creative director duo to the table; Guy Edmonds and Matt Zeremes known for their truly seasoned and insightful approach to story-telling for clients.

Zeremes said: “For us, working with Pizza Capers is a perfect recipe. They want to make engaging funny content and are open to doing things differently. We want to do just the same. It’s about having a happy client with great content that doesn’t cost a billion dollars.”

The Phat Boy Pizza Wrap is the first of its kind Australia wide. They are made using tortillas filled with classic pizza toppings and toasted in the pizza oven in 3 minutes. The result is a crispy flavour-packed hand size wrap sliced in two for ultimate on-the-go hand held convenience.

Source: Campaign Brief

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