Bacardi Introduce Tang – A New Spirit Distilled From Chinese Green Tea

TANG_PATTERN_BG_V5Bacardi unveils its latest innovation – Tang – a revolutionary spirit distilled entirely from green tea leaves. Harnessing the magical properties of the quintessentially Chinese ingredient and blending it with finest spring water from France, Tang is a contemporary spirit with a truly unique and robust taste profile that delivers a brand new drinking experience.

The name ‘Tang’ is inspired by the mighty Tang dynasty, China’s first Golden Age of antiquity. It was a period of great accomplishment marked by a spirit of innovation that is similarly embodied by Tang. It is aptly named to encapsulate this.

The cutting-edge distillation process behind Tang marks a breakthrough in the world of spirits, conceived by the combined knowledge of multiple scientists and experts from around the globe. Due to the composition of tea leaves and the absence of simple sugar, the experts at Bacardi developed a groundbreaking process that successfully releases complex sugars from tea leaves and transforms them into a fermentable form, resulting in a beautifully aromatic compound that forms the essence of the spirit.

This is then concentrated and meticulously blended in different fractions by top master blenders who retain only the most pleasant and intense flavours. The precious liquid is then combined with its ideal complement, nothing more than the finest spring water from France, world renowned for water sources of exceptional purity. The result is a deliciously complex spirit that embodies and expresses the rich flavours of tea.

TANG_BOTTLE_FRONTOnly 2,000 bottles of Tang are produced each time and the first 500 bottles will be individually numbered. It will be exclusively available from March 19 at DFS Hong Kong and starting May 2015, the distribution of Tang will expand into select partner restaurants in China.

“Since the Tang dynasty, China has developed a profound appreciation for tea, a ‘holy herb’ that is held in high esteem throughout this country’s long history. When we succeeded in creating Tang, it made sense to us that China be the first in the world to experience it,” says Guillaume Dock, Global R&D Director for Bacardi. “With green tea forming the cornerstone of Tang, we believe we have created a truly unique product that tastes entirely new yet inspires a nostalgic familiarity that will intrigue the most discerning Chinese palate.”

Tang, characterized by its distinctive aroma and robust tea flavour, is a delicious accompaniment to Chinese dishes. At first encounter, Tang has bold and fragrant aroma. When consumed, an extraordinarily smooth and bitter-sweet taste of tea envelops the mouth, and creates a delightfully long, lingering finish that leaves behind a line of heat that extends to the belly. The liquid can cut through grease and enhance the taste of Cantonese and fusion dishes that are light and flavourful.

At restaurants, Tang will be served on a stunning tray that features a striking centerpiece – a black metallic lantern with intricate cutouts of tea leaf motifs that encloses the illuminated bottle. It is coupled with heavy crystal cut glassware reminiscent of wine goblets used by imperial emperors.

TANG-with-CN-foodMatt Djokovic, Innovation Director for Bacardi in Asia Pacific, comments, “Today, the types of spirits that can be enjoyed with food are fairly limited. Hence, we hope Tang can represent an additional spirit option to enjoy during Chinese meals. We believe Tang is poised to deliver a contemporary drink experience that will satisfy our consumers’ appetite for new and refined experiences in dining and other occasions.”

Produced in Cognac (Commune), Tang has been crafted purely from green tea leaves and French spring water, a fragrant elixir that is completely untainted by any additives, preservatives or sugars.

It is encased in a stunning bottle designed with a distinctive trapezoidal twist to encapsulate the genuine fusion of Western innovation and Eastern traditions embodied by Tang. The bottle also features intricate etchings of tea leaf motifs inspired by the design of traditional Chinese tea caddies. Furthermore, the gold foiling on the bottle that echoes the beautiful hues of green tea adds to the sophistication of Tang.

Tang is recommended to be consumed neat, at room temperature, without ice. The complex taste profile is equally delightful when mixed in cocktails.

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