Bacardi Limited,lights up this year’s holiday season with new brand expressions and ultimate party ideas perfected through its 150-year history. BACARDÍ rum, the spirit that started it all, has been at the center of festivities since 1862 when Don Facundo Bacardí Massó revolutionized the spirits world by creating rum as we know it today. The exceptional quality and mixability of BACARDÍ make it the world’s most awarded spirit and a sure standout at your celebrations.

“Bacardi has a long history of being at the center of unforgettable parties, whether informal get-togethers or special occasions. With our family name on every bottle, it’s intrinsically part of who we are. We take pride in the fact our finely-crafted products distinguish any event,” said Facundo L. Bacardi, Chairman of Bacardi Limited and great-great grandson of the Bacardi founder. “I am very proud of my family’s history of helping our consumers create and celebrate events that become truly memorable in the same way our family hosted parties in our home in Cuba where every guest always felt special.”

The Company’s Cuban roots stem from Santiago de Cuba where Bacardi—the family, Company and iconic rum brand—started its 150-year association with great parties from around the world. From the 1930s, the era Bacardi houses its oldest holiday ad, to the avant-garde brand ads of the 1950s that set the trend for print advertising are striking examples of BACARDÍ rum as a cultural mainstay of the island’s celebratory events. Vintage seasonal campaigns, with dramatic graphic design, illustrate the Company’s profound connection with consumers and distinctive role at holiday festivities. The tradition of creating memorable experiences, while enjoying quality products is alive today, which makes the Bacardi family of spirits ideal gifts.

“Consumers around the world rely on Bacardi for premium gift giving because they identify with our heritage and value our authenticity. They know from experience they’re giving the best,” said Ed Shirley, President and CEO of family-owned Bacardi Limited. “Since the very beginning, our products have made memorable gifts that consumers are happy to receive and proud to give.”

Premium Holiday Gift Packs
This season is particularly special for Bacardi as it coincides with the yearlong celebration of its 150th anniversary. For generations, Bacardi has designed gift packs that capture the excitement of the season. Consumers trust distinguished presentations to leave lasting impressions.

U.S.: BACARDÍ, the spirit that started it all, releases a limited-edition heritage pack recreating one of the earliest BACARDÍ Superior bottle designs and labels. Priced for all to enjoy at $19.99, the replica bottle is featured in the 150th anniversary advertising campaign and contains a specialty, hand-blended rum smooth enough to drink on the rocks. Be on the lookout for the TV spot as the 150th celebration continues.

Canada: Consumers can gift or collect custom designed BACARDÍ 150th anniversary graphic tins. Each, uniquely decorated with a selection of vibrant historical advertising imagery or iconic BACARDÍ bat logos, holds a bottle of BACARDÍ Superior rum. Tin is gift with purchase of BACARDÍ 750-ml, while supplies last.

U.S.: Scotch whisky lovers can enjoy DEWAR’S Blended Scotch whisky along with a functional bag, designed by menswear fashion house Freemans Sporting Club®, with a custom flask to accompany a bottle of DEWAR’S 18 Years Old—a smooth and creamy blend, double barrel aged and matured in vintage oak casks.

U.K.: GREY GOOSE, the world’s best tasting vodka, offers a luxurious gift box which includes a bottle of GREY GOOSE, two crystal flute glasses and the recipe for making the perfect GREY GOOSE Le Fizz, the ultimate cocktail for a festive celebration at home.
Brazil: Premium vodka connoisseurs will have two GREY GOOSE Special Christmas Packs to choose from featuring GREY GOOSE Original vodka with two martini cocktail glasses or two signature mixers.

France: MARTINI offers a limited-edition collector’s pack to create the sensational MARTINI Royale cocktail. Mix 50/50 parts MARTINI Bianco with MARTINI Prosecco to enjoy in a signature glass—two of which are included.
Russia and Eastern Europe: Gift givers can express themselves with a customizable MARTINI Asti seasonal package which includes a specialty marker to write on the bottle—decorated with three designs of stars, snowflakes and trees that illuminate when the lights go out.

China and select Global Travel Retail: DEWAR’S offers The Master Blender’s Sensorial Experience Limited Edition Nosing & Tasting Kit, featuring three bottles of DEWAR’S White Label, DEWAR’S 12 Years Old and DEWAR’S 18 Years Old Blended Scotch whiskies. Gift recipients are guided through a QR code for an in-depth whisky appreciation tasting at A special DEWAR’S White Label gift box and glass pack also features a QR code at to offer an interactive taste experience, including ways to enjoy and cocktail recipes.

Global Travel Retail: BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin lights up with ground-breaking packaging that features an illustration from the brand’s “Infused with Imagination” theme. Illuminates in stages to create a ‘cascade’ effect inspiring one’s imagination.

Home Holiday Entertaining Tips
“People always ask me what the secret is behind great cocktails, gifts, parties and bars. It’s really simple: focus on the experience and only serve the best,” added Mr. Bacardi. “Our premium brands—from BACARDÍ, to GREY GOOSE, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, MARTINI, DEWAR’S, CAZADORES and more—do just that. They give you endless possibilities to ‘wow’ your guests. Over the years, I’ve stood by a few go-to tips that make any party memorable.”

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