Ballantine’s Reveals Golfer Paul McGinley’s ‘Moment of Truth’ in New Film

In the film Ryder Cup legend Paul McGinley reveals how an injury, which caused him to lose out on a promising career in Gaelic football, turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it led him to conquer the golfing world instead.  The last thing he’d thought he would be was a professional golfer. He also talks about how it felt to lead the 2014 European Ryder Cup team to victory.

The 4-minute film was created by Just So in association with M&C Saatchi and is part of a three year strategy to bring to life the brand’s association with golf around the world.

Moment of Truth was Shot as the hero piece for Paul McGinley’s year as the Ballantines Golf Club Captain but the campaign will see Just So shoot additional films featuring shot tips from the Ryder Cup legend and other stories from the world of golf. It is shot on location in County Donegal and features the Gaelic football club where McGinley’s family played.

McGinley is interviewed along with his father and friends, who give a real insight into the man behind the legend. The film will run on Ballantine’s Golf Club website for a year, as well as on YouTube.

The work follows golfer Ian Poulter’s ‘Moment of Truth’ film also shot by Just So and released by Ballantine’s in July last year.

“His story naturally appeals to golf fans around the world…  But we wanted the film to reach a wider audience.  That’s why we looked to dramatise events in a more creative and meaningful way than simply showing the TV footage and presenting a literal recreation.  It became a bigger story than golf – touching on themes of community, leadership and identity,” said Just So’s Richard Ascott.

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