B&B studio creates Citizen Spritz – a democratising new drinks brand designed to take the faff out of alcohol-free

With the alcohol alternative market shifting from niche to mainstream, B&B studio has worked with drinks entrepreneurs Mark Gould and Mike Bagshaw to launch Citizen Spritz – an alcohol-free instant spritz mix, to which you just add sparkling water, that delivers convenience, affordability and sustainability to the A-F spirits category.

Spanning brand positioning, creative strategy, naming, brand design and packaging, the project was inspired by the reality of everyday alcohol moderation. The product is designed for a more laidback weeknight occasion, where complex cocktails aren’t appropriate. In addition, the product’s concentrated blend delivers up to 20 serves per bottle, challenging the packaging waste of the spirit plus mixer model.

Disruptive, democratic and down-to-earth

The product’s inherent accessibility paved the way for a democratising challenger attitude to infuse the branding. The name Citizen Spritz echoes this ‘for the people’ positioning, while a down-to-earth tone of voice delivers an everyman wit to broader brand communications. The brand design eschews the embellished codes of the spirits and faux spirits world, introducing a clean and vibrant look and feel that champions core consumer needs – flavour, refreshment and convenience.

The logotype is designed to reflect the everyday special / premium accessible nature of the product, combining crafted credibility with a modern friendliness. A hidden spark icon sits at its heart, representing the igniting action of sparkling water that brings the drink to life. The packaging design features a graduated frosting that echoes the refreshing nature of the drink. By enabling the concentrated liquid colour to be visible at the bottom of the bottle, but become frosted towards the top, it reflects the idea of dilution and shows the colour of the resulting spritz. The bottle shape was chosen to avoid spirits comparisons and instead is more reminiscent of a sparkling soda structure.

Everything in moderation

“We were keen to create a brand that better reflects the habits of moderating drinkers,” says B&B Design Director, Jack Gibbons, “which are less about recreating complex cocktails at home, and more about grabbing a refreshing but grown-up drink to wind down with after work. Citizen Spritz makes it simple to drink less in the week, as well as offering a quick and easy swap between alcoholic drinks on a weekend or at a party. The design reflects this refreshing approach with a bright and light brand world that feels fun, vibrant and accessible.”

Mark Gould, Co-founder of Citizen Spritz, adds: “B&B really understood what makes this product different in a sea of spirits alternatives. The team has delivered a brand that is offering a more progressive take on alcohol-free, perfectly capturing the sparkling energy of spritz through a refreshing, stylish and contemporary brand design.”

Citizen Spritz can be found online at citizenspritz.com

Source: B&B studio

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