Bellucci Olive Oil Brings Trace-to-Source Technology to Consumers

Recent reports of fraudulent extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in the marketplace have made finding truly authentic EVOO more important than ever.

always-fresh-always-traceable-always-italian-16-HRConsumers are seeking ways to identify the real from the fake. Bellucci and its parent company Certified Origins, headquartered in Grosseto, Italy, is offering a solution in the form of the Bellucci App, which traces any bottle of Bellucci EVOO back to the mill where it was produced and the area in which the olives for it were grown.

As EVOO consumption increases worldwide and many new competitors are entering the market to meet demand, Bellucci is committed to offering precise, detailed information to ensure the authenticity of their product at all levels of production and to empower customers in selecting truly authentic EVOO.

66% of Bellucci is owned by cooperatives of Italian growers, who work with agronomists to identify when their olives are at their peak flavour for oil production. Within hours of harvest, they press their olives in cooperative mills local to their groves. The oil is tested to confirm that it is without defects and that the standards for EVOO are not only met but also exceeded.

The Bellucci bottle also features safeguards to protect the contents and the consumer. Its dark green color prevents damage to the flavour caused by light, while the one-way, easy-pour spout ensures that no other oils can adulterate the contents once the bottle has been filled. Lastly, the harvest date is put on the front of the bottle so consumers are always informed about the freshness of the oil.

the-bellucci-olive-oil-app-15-HRThe value of the Bellucci App’s trace-to-source technology for consumers was recognized at the 2015 Anuga International Food Show, the world’s leading food expo. At the 2015 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, Bellucci Organic 100% Italian received a Silver Medal. A brand less than three years old, Bellucci is receiving wide recognition within the industry.

CEO Gerard Jara said, “Our trace-to-source technology allows us to fulfill consumer demand for authentic, fresh, healthy, and honest EVOO at a time when integrity is what matters. The app enables us to connect our customers to the source of their EVOO in small family groves in rural Italy and gives users the skill they need to taste for freshness and flavors distinct to genuine EVOO. They’ll learn how to authenticate EVOO.”

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