Belvoir Fruit Farms Adds New ‘Light’ Varieties To Their Range

12496077_1099230806776044_5269841947348339057_oBelvoir Fruit Farms has added two new ‘Light’ varieties to their range; zingy Raspberry Lemonade Light and fragrant Elderflower & Rose Pressé Light, join the popular Elderflower Pressé Light on supermarket shelves from the end of January.

The ‘Light’ range contains 30 per cent less sugar than the original versions of the drinks. People still love Belvoir’s classic Cordials and Pressés made using only natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives or sweeteners, but there is a new consumer who wants less sugar. The ‘Light’ range enables this different audience to enjoy Belvoir’s gently sparkling Pressés too.

Like all Belvoir’s drinks, the Light Range is hand made at Belvoir using real pressed fruit juices and freshly picked flowers so that despite the reduction in sugar there is no reduction in flavour.

Raspberry Lemonade Light (75cl): this mouth-watering tipple still has the zingy taste of real raspberries and lemons but is just a little lighter on calories than the original recipe – a 250ml serving has 55 calories compared to 107 calories. Serve chilled for a naturally lovely taste of summer all year round.

Elderflower & Rose Pressé Light (75cl): this classic British drink has the same delicately floral taste as the original recipe by virtue of the freshly picked flowers, fresh lemon juice and hint of rose petal extract, but 30 percent less sugar and 28 fewer calories (when compared like for like in a 250ml glass serving). A lightly refreshing, fragrant drink which is delicious served over ice.

Elderflower Pressé Light (75cl): launched in January 2014 this lighter version of Belvoir’s regular Elderflower Pressé has proved hugely popular in its own right. It is more delicate in taste than the original Pressé but has the same heady, floral aromas of freshly picked Elderflowers, tangy citrus from pressed lemon juice and gentle bubbles – just a little lighter on calories.

All three varieties in the Belvoir Light range are available from Tesco and Ocado from 28 January 2016 for around £2.39 per 75cl bottle.

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