bluemarlin captures the spirit of Kinnie for its 70th anniversary

London brand design agency bluemarlin has created a dynamic and celebratory pack for Malta’s favourite soft drink Kinnie’s 70th birthday.

bluemarlin has been working with Kinnie makers Simonds Farsons Cisk since 2017. The design agency was approached by the food and beverage group to develop a pack design and brand rollout to celebrate Kinnie’s birthday and encapsulate Malta’s unique sense of passion and joy.

Fizzing with national spirit

Over the past five years, bluemarlin has gained a solid understanding of Kinnie’s ethos and markets. As a result, the team was able to extrapolate the design and create a look and feel that made sense within the overall brand structure – while also standing out for this special anniversary.

Charlie Spiers, Account Director at bluemarlin, said: “Kinnie is a much-loved brand. It was launched in 1952 and has become a true Mediterranean classic. Our job for this limited-edition pack was to celebrate the legacy while amplifying its presence at home and abroad for the future. Because we’ve had the opportunity to develop a strategic platform for the brand since 2017, we’ve been able to roll out new and exciting design iterations, while acting as guardians for the integrity of the overall brand.”

A taste of the Med

The orange and teal colourways, illustrations and logo capture sunshiny vibes, as well as the zesty, herby flavour profile. It also has a retro feel in reference to its 1950s launch, and a graphic crashing wave gives it a refreshing and appetising look and feel. The wave also incorporates illustrative elements to reflect Malta’s impressive cultural and architectural heritage.

As well as bottles, cans, cardboard cartons and shrink wraps, the party mood has been rolled out seamlessly across retail and consumer marketing channels, including billboards, buses, merchandise and moving visual assets. The social media communications have amassed an audience of well over a million, and a fully branded 70th birthday party topped everything off.

Susan Weenink Camilleri, Head of Sales and Marketing at Simonds Farsons Cisk, said: “bluemarlin’s work shouts out to the world that we’re still rocking at 70! The vibrant and energetic designs underpinning Kinnie’s 70th birthday celebrations amplify that the brand is no way near ready to retire – in fact, Kinnie has never looked so invigorated and primed for the future.

“The work the team has done has really bolstered our core homeland audience whilst amplifying our credibility internationally.”

Source: bluemarlin

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