Brazil’s Meat Free Brand Future Farm Launches In Sainsbury

Future Farm is the company on a mission of ‘buying back’ the Amazon from the meat industry by fostering the movement of deforestation free and GMO-free soy in its native Brazil. Just twenty one months old, the brand has had huge success, selling over 9 million meatless Future Burgers in its native Brazil, the third biggest meat consumers in the world. Future Farm’s meatless products are now available in eighteen countries around the world - with the aim to double this number by the end of 2021.

Future Farm, is an independent food company that uses cutting-edge tech to create the best meatless meat on the market, all fuelled by a vision of a world where people no longer choose to eat meat from animals because plant-based substitutes out-performs it in all areas. 

Future Farm

Launched in April 2019, the brand’s ambition is to be one of the biggest and most relevant plant based companies in the world, and to become the first truly global brand from Brazil, not because they just are competitive, but because the team feels it is where the country should be. They plan to achieve this by hacking the meat supply chain and making the best out of the abundance of high quality vegetables in their home country – sharing the value and developing technology in its poverty stricken Brazil. 

Known as Fazenda Futuro in Brazil, the founders’ environmental concerns drove the creation of the brand, and the team’s innovative approach enables them to create food that has the same flavour, texture, and juiciness of meat from 100% natural ingredients. The main ingredients for the “Future Burger,” Minced Meat, Meatballs, and Sausage are peas, soy, chickpeas and beetroot powder (to emulate the color of meat), and free of gluten and GMOs. 

Before 2019, Brazil was the third largest meat market in the world, but it was also a country with a non-existent plant-based category. The first to produce and create plant-based meat in Brazil, Future Farm built the category from scratch and revolutionised the carnivorous nation with its range of plant-based products that look, taste and feel like animal meat. 

Since its launch last year, Brazilians have eaten more than 9 million of Future Burgers with sales accounting for a staggering 23% of all burger sales, both meat and meat-free, in Brazil’s biggest retailer. Future Farm has proved so popular that it has laid the path for the plant-based category to be built upon, and given it a name in the process. It has even become a colloquial term, with all meat-free burgers now referred to as ‘Future Burgers’ by Brazilians. 

Around the world

Future Farm products are now available in 18 countries around the world – with the aim to double this number by the end of 2021. Its products are proving hugely popular around the globe, and in December 2020 Future Farm reported its market performance in the UAE*, outperforming its peers by far. The newest company to arrive there, the brand has now surpassed Beyond Meat, and now has a 31% market share in the region’s biggest retail network. 

At just eighteen months old, Future Farm has begun to grow its European portfolio, launching into the UK and Holland, traditionally meat-eating markets. Launching in the UK this January, Future Farm already has its first huge supermarket deal, signing with Sainsbury’s for distribution around the UK in Q1 of 2021, as part of their Future Brands Program. Future Farm products are also available at The Vegan Kind, SUMA and The Natural Shop wholesalers with more to be announced soon.  

Brand Story  

Fazenda Futuro was founded in Rio de Janeiro by Marcos Leta and Alfredo Strechinsky, the young entrepreneurs behind another brazilian food and drink success: natural juice brand Do Bem which was sold to AmBev (the Brazilian subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev) in 2016. 

The two passionate founders united in concern for the world population’s rate of meat consumption, and launched the brand with an ambitious purpose: to change the way the world eats meat. The brand plans to build a safer future for people, animals, and the planet reducing meat consumption by getting people to switch to its meatless products that can match, or even exceed, animal products on flavour. To ensure its success here, Future Farm has ensured that  its products’ appeal goes beyond vegans or vegetarians, grabbing the attention of meat lovers and flexitarians who are aware of the impact meat consumption has on the planet. 

The brand has set out to make meatpackers obsolete, and to foster the movement towards GMO-free and deforestation free produce in place of those that are unethical and illegal. In its fight for biodiversity and against destruction of the rainforest, the brand also demands high environmental standards from its suppliers, demanding that they can state that their produce are both GMO and deforestation free 

From ‘hacking’ refrigerator machines in an old Domino’s Pizza warehouse Fazenda Futuro was created through a process as unique as the causes it exists to support. Engaging practices of the tech and engineering industry, Leta & Strechinsky place R&D at the heart of the business, using artificial intelligence to study the molecules that are found in meat, and sensory tests to calibrate the optimal amount of each ingredient to make its plant-based meats. Almost a third of gross revenue is re-invested into R&D, funding the brand’s innovative approach to product development. Products are in a continual process of testing and improvement, and as they ‘upgrade’, each moves closer to the flavour, texture and juiciness of meat. 

While tech and innovation lead the production process, the duo are committed to ensuring all ingredients used in their products are made from 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality, and are made using the freshest soy on the market. Combined with the short harvesting to production timescale, this practice ensures that Future Farm products have the highest grade of flavour, but as well as a high nutritional value. 

The Future of Future Farm

Using its commitment to R&D research and development, the brand will continuously evolve, and provide new and needed ways to change the world eats so the planet can thrive for generations to come, including creating new jobs in Brazil to generate the green economy in Latin America .

Future Farm is already working on its next wave of plant-based products and concrete plans have been announced to launch in the U.S. in the coming months, before entering Asia in the longer term. 

Source: Future Farm

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