Brexit result inspires new identity for English wine


English wine is cultivating a reputation for top quality, but some feel the fledgling industry lacks an identity. As a result, FMCG trade magazine The Grocer tasked design agency Hornall Anderson with creating one – and this is what they came up with.

The Brexit vote left the UK divided. How to react? Hornall Anderson suggested voters could either drown their sorrows or celebrate with the perfect wine for this watershed moment. Brexit Cuvée 52:48, which reflects the split in the vote.

Design director at Hornall Anderson Jon Dignam said: “Wine production has such a rich history, so we decided to use some British history in our packaging design for English wine. And Brexit seemed like a great fit. The country was so divided after the results were announced, but now that the dust has started to settle, we saw an opportunity to create something good out of it.”

Brexit Cuvée is a premium and tongue in cheek product, with a delicately complex, yet closely balanced blend of sweet and sour grapes. It was exclusively picked for a lively but accomplished taste, with a delicate and bittersweet finish. Rather like the results of the referendum, some might point out. Uniquely characterised by its potential to fuel a great debate, this wine is sure to tick all of the boxes, whether you were for or against the decision to leave the European Union.

John joked the new Brexit wine could be the perfect tipple at “whine bar” which could be set up to allow consumers the opportunity to have a nice glass of wine, a debate and then shake hands.

Source: Hornall Anderson Design

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