ButterflyCannon Create Limited Edition Gift Pack For Tanqueray No. TEN

Tanquerey-SHOT-2_1800x1013Tanqueray No. TEN is a super-premium gin from Diageo Reserve’s luxury portfolio of World Class spirits. Using a unique combination of botanicals, Tanqueray No. TEN is an ideal choice for a number of serves, including the classic martini. Its instantly recognisable bottle design celebrates the fresh whole citrus fruits that have always defined the spirit with ten elegant facets flowing down the green bottle, meeting at the base, taking the shape of a citrus squeezer and capturing the 1920s Art Deco period perfectly.

Tanquerey-Crop-3_1800x1013ButterflyCannon was asked to create a glamorous gift box that brought its dazzling 1920’s style to life for the festive season.

Tanqueray No. TEN’s unique bottle design forms the centrepiece of the pack’s design, with Art Deco inspired graphical elements from the brand’s design codes shaped into the bottle’s iconic form and then picked out in a brilliant green foil which evokes the beautiful coloured glass facets of the bottle – giving brilliant shelf stand-out. The rest of the pack is decorated with beautifully ornate citrus and martini inspired illustrations taken from the same brand codes, this time executed in a subtle silver on white metal finish with all over embossing; the overall effect of which is to create a visual feast of sparkling detail combined with a luxurious, tactile quality in the hand.

Tanquerey-Crop-2_1800x1013María Orta, European Brand Manager at Tanqueray No. TEN comments: “The brief for this festive gift pack was a difficult one – the packaging needed to be both an exquisite gift for consumers and have great shelf presence and stand-out on crowded shelves. ButterflyCannon has succeeded on both counts though, with a beautifully detailed pack, which makes Tanqueray No. TEN’s iconic Art Deco bottle the hero of the pack.”

Jon Davies, Creative Director of ButterflyCannon adds: “This is our first gift pack for Tanqueray No. TEN, so the pressure was on to deliver something really special. But by staying true to the brand’s core DNA and codes, the team was able to create an iconic piece of packaging that strikes the perfect balance between a contemporary design aesthetic and the 1920s glamour that is at the heart of the brand.”


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