ButterflyCannon Create #TheFineMix Pack for Hennessy Fine de Cognac

hen013-fine-de-cognac_front-16x9_lrHennessy Fine de Cognac is a contemporary re-interpretation of the “Fine à l’eau” tradition, a light, clean and youthful take on premium cognac that is perfect for drinking neat, with water, on ice or mixed in cocktails.

To celebrate the blend’s unique mixability, Hennessy launched a digital campaign entitled #thefinemix, which invites consumers to share their own ‘Fine Mix’ lifestyle through Instagram. They came to ButterflyCannon to create a limited edition pack that would both clearly communicate this campaign whilst serving as a highly impactful, premium, festive gift pack in it’s own right.

A metallic stock overprinted with a subtle cool gray ink gives the pack an elegant but masculine finish in keeping with its target audience, whilst the central motif of the design, a fragmented pattern of offset diamond shaped panels, is an impactful and contemporary interpretation of the more formal pattern used on Hennessy’s core packaging, it’s proportions adapted to reference the iconic square frame of Instagram photos. Executed in either de-saturated metallic grey tones reminiscent of vintage photographic plates or vibrant shades of Fine de Cognac’s trademark orange, the panels are used to present either informal but premium lifestyle photography or are picked out in embossed gold foil to add that extra splash of festiveness.

hen013-fine-de-cognac_3q-shot-16x9_lrBen Cox, Design Director at ButterflyCannon comments, “The Fine de Cognac #thefinemix Limited Edition gift pack was an exciting project with a very particular challenge; integrating a digital lifestyle focused campaign into a premium packaging design. Focusing on the aspects of Hennessy’s brand codes that complimented the aesthetic of ‘Instagrammable’ lifestyle photography enabled us to find a solution that led to highly desirable gift pack that was also able to act as the main communication tool for the #thefinemix social media campaign.”

Philippe Stadnik, International Senior Brand Manager for Hennessy Super Premium adds: “ButterflyCannon have understood what it means to be a premium brand from start to finish of this Limited Edition brief. They have created a confident and self assured piece of packaging design that successfully communicates the essence of our #thefinemix digital campaign whilst simultaneously celebrating our brand codes.”

Source: ButterflyCannon

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