ButterflyCannon Redesigns Hennessy Very Special

Hennessy Carton on whiteBrand design agency ButterflyCannon, were tasked with redesigning the Hennessy Very Special packaging. The challenge was that the new design had to appeal not only to the young, hedonistic consumer but also to the loyal and traditional Hennessy Cognac drinkers. Heritage and personality had to be mixed to perfection for this brand.

Designing with the new bottle structure in mind, ButterflyCannon have created a bolder and more masculine pack, taking the Hennessy Very Special brand equities and making them the heroes of the design. Foil, embossing and gloss varnish have been applied, which bring these icons to life. ButterflyCannon identified the ‘Very Special’ category code as being a differentiating factor for Hennessy VS, the creators of this classification, and have made it feature more prominently on the pack.

Hennessy CartonSandrine Rudnicki, International Senior Brand Manager at Hennessy says, “ButterflyCannon have understood what it means to be a premium brand from start to finish of the redesign and have also managed to inject life into the packs by celebrating our brand codes in such a confident way.”

Creative Director of ButterflyCannon Jon Davies adds, “Hennessy Very Special is an iconic brand with an iconic attitude to match. Finding a way to create excitement and impact but not lose the heritage was the perfect challenge for our team.”

The design works very effectively in a mass display, when the packs are lined up and each turned 90°, the icons connect and become whole. The design also translates well onto the shipper design, which is an important POS item in the US so attention to detail was vital in the translation from the pack design.

shipper centred

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