Camden’s First Farmers’ Market

555130_144935615678491_941281070_nFor the first time there will be a regular Farmers’ Market in Middle Yard Camden Lock every other Friday running from 10am to 6:30pm.

Launching on Friday 26th April 2013 visitors will be able to watch live recipe demonstrations to inspire even the weariest of post working week cooks and start their weekend by stocking up on innovative, fresh great tasting ingredients.

The award winning City and Country Farmers’ Markets will be managing the Camden Farmers market. Established in 2001 CCFM have been successfully running over 10 regular farmers’ markets in locations around London

CCFM operates in the ‘ethical’ sector of the market, which encompasses local food (including organic, fair trade, free range eggs and other naturally reared livestock and farm produce), so Camden residents will be able to purchase directly from producers’ down at Camden Lock.

Up to 30 local producers will be selling the best of their produce directly to customers – everything from freshly picked fruit and vegetables and fish from local waters to smoked sausages and rare breed meats, from organic artisan breads, homemade pies, fresh baked tarts and cakes to honey made from local bees and fresh pressed juices, beers and ciders.

The idea around the market is that visitors will be able to sample before they buy from the people who grow, make or rear their own produce, and taste the difference in quality whilst supporting their local producers and rural community.

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