Caulder Moore Re-brand Italian Deli-caffe La Bottega

LOWRES_DSC_9380Brand design agency Caulder Moore have created a new brand identity and environment for popular Italian deli-caffe La Bottega, to be rolled out across six London sites, launching from mid May 2014.

This licensed, upmarket deli-caffe chain was initially set up by an Italian family and keeps the sourcing of products, coffee and menu very authentic. Based in London’s affluent neighbourhoods, it is a word of mouth hotspot for real Italian coffee and food with a homemade quality. The first sites with the new identity are Monmouth Street, Eccelston Street and Pont Street.

LOWRES_DSC_9252Caulder Moore created a new environment giving the upstairs a slicker deli-counter and a more branded approach to the retail offer. Downstairs makes better use of space increasing the number of covers, and creating an inviting place to stay and eat-in. Outside canopies, signage with an evolved logo, planters and heaters all give a more welcoming feel.

The logo has been evolved to a much cleaner brand mark, emphasising the ‘B’ which can be used in isolation. A brand pattern has been created for packaging with a ‘tile’ effect made out of farfelle pasta. The design makes in-store packaging and takeaway items more cohesive for a stronger brand identity. A flexible signage system made out of wood gives a rustic Italian vibe, allowing menus/signage to be adapted throughout the day.

LOWRES_DSC_9197Seasonal promotional campaigns have also been designed with the new brand identity, and Caulder Moore advised on a new photography language.

Piergiorgio Lo Greco, CEO, La Bottega said, “Caulder Moore has really brought to life what is special about La Bottega. Creativity alongside commercial knowledge has challenged us in a positive way leading to a great design solution. Their eye for detail has allowed us to speak with one voice over many touch points.”

Philip Marshall, Director at Caulder Moore added, “This really is an example of how a brand identity and a new environment can work together to create a much stronger brand. Still giving the vibe of a local family Italian deli-caffe, but pulled together for a better brand experience whether you are popping in for coffee, picking up some Italian essentials or staying for lunch.”

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