Let’s face it, the start of the year can be tough. For many, things begin to look a little lighter once January and February are out of the way. But happiness isn’t a time of year; it’s a state of mind. With the right mindset, happiness can be found in any moment.

As the brand that embodies Living Free Spirit, we’re perfectly placed to encourage people to get more out of every moment, anytime, anywhere. Not only can we be the ones to facilitate these moments of ‘more’, we can become an integral part of it. ​

Ceder’s campaign is about embracing January to the fullest, encouraging people to start the year in the right spirit and make the most of every moment. January is often focused on resolutions and restrictions, whether starting a new diet or attempting a month alcohol-free.

Ceder’s new campaign is all about making the most of life. Presenting a head-on challenge to the boring January stereotypes, the campaign features two friends enjoying a day hanging out on deckchairs on a sunny beach. As the camera slowly pans out, we realise it’s actually January, but the friends have cunningly staged it to feel like a warm summer’s day and are Making the Most of it with a glass of Ceder’s and Tonic.

The campaign will be launching on TV in the Netherlands and through targeted digital campaigns in other markets across the globe, starting with Canada.

Head of Marketing for Ceder’s, Solene Marchand, says: “January is filled with short days, long nights, and cold weather. It’s so common for this month to be used to restrict the things we enjoy, say no to the things we want to say yes to, and hold ourselves to high standards we can’t always keep. Our ‘January, it’s anything but dry’ campaign aims to inspire us to start the year right, try new things, and add some fun back into the brand-new year! Ceder’s is all about zero moments missed so that you can embrace life to the full, and live free spirit!”

Available in four different flavours, Ceder’s non-alcoholic spirits are 0 calories, sugar free, and full of flavour. The brand has won numerous awards, including Gold at The Spirits Business 2022 Low & No Masters. The brand is also committed to carbon neutrality: In order to mitigate its environmental impact, Ceder’s measured its production carbon footprint and contributed to carbon neutrality by collaborating with Climate Impact Partners to invest in a renewable energy project in South Africa, approved by the Verified Carbon Standard.Ceder’s has also partnered with 1% for the planet to donate 1% of its revenue to environmental causes.

With 15 extraordinary botanicals flavours but with zero calories, sugar or alcohol, Ceder’s is the perfect drink of choice.

  • Ceder’s Classic: Based on the classic flavours of gin we know and love, this fresh & floral spirit is made from a unique mix of botanicals to create a palate of juniper, coriander, and delicate citrus. The finish is light and delicate. This flavour can be used to create the Classic Ceder’s & Tonic or a Ceder’s Collins.
  • Ceder’s Crisp: Used to create a light & refreshing cocktail, this crisp flavour has a bright and refreshing cucumber finish. The spirit is created with cucumber, juniper, and camomile and is perfect for a summer’s day. Use this spirit to create a Ceder’s Crisp & Tonic or a Ceder’s Stinger.
  • Ceder’s Wild: If you are looking for something aromatic and spicy, this spirit made with clove, aromatic ginger and juniper is for you. The palate is made up of clove, oak-wood and ginger to produce a smooth finish with some peppery spice. This spirit can be used to create a Ceder’s Wild & Tonic or a Ceder’s Spiced Wild.
  • Ceder’s Pink Rose: If you are looking for something soft & sweet, this pink spirit is the perfect pairing. The spirit has a palate of buchu, rose and sweet citrus to create a juniper, light rose and floral aroma. To add a sweet twist on a classic cocktail, use this spirit to create a Ceder’s Pink Rose & Tonic or a Ceder’s Pink Rose Spritz.

Source: Ceder’s

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