Cheez-It Crunch’d Delivers Its #firstever Crunchy Puff Made Fully with Real Cheese

182692Cheez-It is making its first ever appearance in the chip aisle by introducing Cheez-It Crunch’d, its first ever cheesy puff.

Made with 100 percent real cheese and a bold new taste, this three-dimensional snack delivers a crunchin’ that Cheez-It fans won’t stop munchin’.

Crunch’d is offered in two wickedly delicious flavours, including Cheddar Cheese and Hot & Spicy.

  • Cheddar Cheese – crunchy cheese puff baked snack made with cheddar goodness
  • Hot & Spicy – made with 100% real cheese in a Tabasco Hot & Spicy fiery flavor

“Crunch and a snack made with 100 percent real cheese have always been key to our cheezy devotees, and Cheez-It Crunch’d delivers both,” said Mark Miller, director of marketing, salty snacks at Kellogg’s.

“We aimed to provide everything that Cheez-It fans love about the original while ramping up the crunch in a fun new way.”

Crunch’d is available in grocery and mass retail stores nationwide in the US for a standard retail price of $2.89.

Kellogg Company Cheez-It Crunch'd Bags

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