Christmas Recipes From Cockburn’s Port Created By The Corner

The_Post_Turkey_Plod Image CockburnsLaunching in November, Cockburn’s Port is introducing a campaign with a series of captivating images created by the Corner.

Encapsulating the festive spirit with recipes of how the much-loved Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port can be enjoyed in social environments this Christmas time, The Corner’s campaign offer the reader step by step serving suggestions for the family, which comes together with the strapline ‘Mix & Enjoy’

Through the subtle silhouettes the reader is provided the chance to become part of these memorable scenes and attribute their own emotions to that special family moment.

7Stars is the media agency and the campaign is to run in a variety of print magazines as well as digitally on MailOnline for 8 weeks.

Little_White_Lie Image CockburnsPrevious visual campaigns for Cockburn’s have illustrated a lighter, comical side of the brand, using the mispronunciation as a long-running family joke. Cockburn’s has also succeeded in adding a touch of sentimentality, which people associate with the moment they enjoy Cockburn’s Port with their family and friends.

Paul Symington, Managing Director at Cockburn’s Port said: “Since we bought Cockburn’s in 2010 we have taken the brand back to its roots in the Douro vineyards, concentrating on the quality of the wine. Now it is time to take Cockburn’s to the consumer, using the humorous approach that has always been associated with the brand since its ground breaking TV ads of the 1970’s. This humour is associated with the real world of families and the special and memorable moments when dispersed families get together and when Cockburn’s Port is often enjoyed. The Corner have taken this concept and given us a great campaign.”

Neil Simpson, founding partner at The Corner London said: “Nothing says Christmas like a family situation and that’s what we’ve aimed to convey with these atypical festive ads. It’s a busy period for seasonal advertising and we’ve tried to steer clear of the crowd and create a campaign which employs the heritage of the brand.”

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