Coca-Cola and Wunderman Thompson want everyone to express for a better 2021 with a new packaging with letters of the alphabet.

After years since the launch of the first “Share a Coke” successful campaign in Latin America, with names on the cans, Coca-Cola and Wunderman Thompson Brazil decided to go further and bet once again on creativity applied to packaging.

With the aim of spurring a movement where teenagers mainly will be able to use the cans or bottles as their modern way of expressing themselves via digital platforms, the brand brings a new version with the letters of the alphabet on its cans and PET bottles to form positive words and phrases and share them with the world. An idea that reinforces the Open For Better* movement and inspires people to express their best feelings, thoughts, wishes.

“Few brands in the world have a legacy of staying connected with new generations through pop culture like Coca-Cola. And that is the result of a constant innovation and relevant communication, too. Now the brand surprises once again and launches single serve packaging with the letters of the alphabet, opening even more possibilities. An initiative that will reach more than 40 countries in Latin America and invites people to express themselves and share messages saying what they are open to in 2021, a year that comes with so many hopes and expectations”, commented Javier Meza, Marketing Vice-President for The Coca-Cola Company Latin America.

The campaign is aimed at Latin America and involves a series of digital content, with the presence and effective participation of the brand’s influencers activating and presenting the new packaging to the public. In addition, a film was also produced and adapted for each region, out of home media, actions on social networks and other fronts with the brand’s partners.

“No brand has been more present in pop culture as long as Coca-Cola. Music, entertainment, sport, the hits are countless. And it is a privilege for Wunderman Thompson Brazil to be responsible for a genuine content idea that has co-creation with teens as its central point and is so connected with the world today. Share a Coke – Alphabet, invites people to express their best intentions and bring all the optimism that 2021 deserves.” said Keka Morelle – CCO Wunderman Thompson Brasil.

Creative Credits

Client: Coca-Cola

Campaign: Open for Better – Share a Coke

Agency: Wunderman Thompson Brazil

CCO: Keka Morelle

Creative Direction: Murilo Melo, Gabriel Sotero

Writing: Yannis Theodori, Kiko Borger

Art Direction: Hugo Luquetti, João Mendes, Arthur Borges

Head of Production: Maisa Delgado

Head of Planning: Stella Pirani

Planning: Gisele Bambace, Guilherme Pádua

Head of Media: Stella Lopes

Media: Vanessa Pupato, Aline Castro, Ingrid Guimarães, Larissa Isabelle, Ludymila Lopes and Israel Bastos

Executive Account Director: Stefano Paduan

Service / Projects: Ricardo Montezuma, Mariana Guma, Fabiana Santana, Andressa Moro and Eduarda Esteter


Developer: AliceFilmes

Direction: Daniel Cirati & Marina Vancini, Felipe Mansur

Producer: Wal Tamagno

Director of Photography: Diego Rosenblatt

Art Direction: Daniel Miragem

Executive Production: Fernanda Laignier / Victor Alloza

Executive production assistance: Bruna Nogueira

Direction Assistance: Alê Casagrande / Bruno Capelleti

Creative Assistance: Henrique Barretto, Thayna Pacheco

Production Team: Fernando Lira / Gabriela Alcântara / Gisele Nunes / Mariana Bortolotti

Rental Production: Alê Rocha

Cast Production: Equipe Alice Filmes / Claudia Secaff / D’angelo Vidal

Costume Design: Betinha Magalhães / Larissa Martins / Gustavo Souza / Virgínio de Oliveira / Vitória Grassi / Juliana Yoshie

Object Production: Samir Scherer

Makeup: Fabiana Mizukami

Editor: Felipe Mansur / Rodolpho Ponzio, AMC / Daniel Cirati & Marina Vancini

Post-production coordinator: Carol Rye

Post-Production: Voodoo House


Sound Production: A9 Audio

Musical direction: Apollo Nove

Production: Apollo Nove and Douglas Couto

Service: Guta Lima

Coordination: Renata Rodriguez

Source: Wunderman Thompson Brazil

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