Coca-Cola European Partners continues sustainable packaging pledge

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has unveiled the next stages of its Sustainable Packaging Strategy plan.

The company has pledged to continue to “innovate and ensure all packaging is as sustainable as possible”. It aims to achieve this by reducing all large PET bottles of Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite to 40% PET this year, in line with its promise to reduce PET by 50% across the entire portfolio.

The company is also highlighting its sustainability pledge with on-pack messages encouraging consumers to recycle. Bottle lids will feature ‘Please Recycle Me’ messages and bottle sleeves will feature a ‘I am 100% recyclable’ message.

In addition, a new advert will launch this year focusing on recycling on-the-go. The company will also be working with social media influencers to reach more consumers in and out of the home and anti-litter campaigners to promote recycling.

CCEP and Coca-Cola GB have also announced a plan to introduce a deposit return scheme in Great Britain based discussions with suppliers and customers, industry and recyclers.

Nick Brown, head of sustainability at CCEP, said: “We have been clear on our support for a well-designed deposit return scheme in Great Britain for some time – however, with a DRS consultation now open in Scotland and one planned for England later on this year, it is crucial that all parties come together to develop this collaboratively.”

Source: Talking Retail

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