DDB & McDonald’s Remind Hong Kong of the Brighter Side of Life

McDonald 2016 -HBAs a brand that for the last 40 years has played a role in the lives of Hong Kong people, good and bad, McDonald’s Hong Kong wanted to remind people of the brighter side of life.

And what better way to do this than by using bright new colours as a communication vehicle. Centring on the idea of ‘See the bright side’, DDB Hong Kong has launched a campaign that plays out McDonald’s messaging through its new assets of bright new dynamic packaging and bright new golden food choices – giving customers a free swap of two of their most favourite golden items – fries and corn cup.

Adobe Photoshop PDFThe creative for the packaging will run in newspapers, MTR billboards and huge billboards on the Eastern and Cross Harbour Tunnels. In addition, the campaign will feature 35 buses wrapped in Hong Kong favorites, Fries and a local favorite, the Corn Cup. The bus sides, asking people to pick either of the two “golden” bus levels, will bring to life McDonald’s promotion of swapping from Fries to the Corn Cup, and will also be featured in a 10 second television spot.

Adobe Photoshop PDFYvonne Tang, Senior director, Marketing at McDonald’s Hong Kong said, “DDB Hong Kong came up with the unique idea of brightening people in Hong Kong by injecting more colours to the city. Colour can make people feel wonderful and we hope our new campaign, and the changes we’ve made inside our stores, really does put a smile on people’s faces.”

O’Poon, Group Creative Director at DDB Group Hong Kong added, “Sometimes all it takes for people to cheer up is to give them a little dose of colour in their daily lives. Using this insight we helped develop a strong brand gesture for McDonald’s.”

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