Defend Against Insidious Double Dippers with Philadelphia’s Double Diptector

Double dipping is one of the biggest party fouls, but one-in-four Americans secretly double dip. Remember the Seinfeld episode?

Philadelphia, the brand known for its high-quality cream cheese spreads is going to the extreme to make sure that dips everywhere are safe from double dippers.

Introducing the Philadelphia Dips Double Diptector, a smart device made to catch double dippers in the act. The device, which was devised by Droga5 New York, detects double dippers and alerts your party to their presence with a loud alarm and a photo of the crime.

Want your very own Philadelphia Dips Double Diptector? One will be made available on eBay. The bid is now up to $700 and climbing.

And don’t forget about the newly launched Philadelphia Dips – rich and creamy dips made with the goodness of Philadelphia and real vegetables available in Jalapeño Cheddar, Southwest Style with Black Bean & Corn, and Buffalo Style with Celery.

“Holiday parties and gatherings are the perfect time to serve our new Philadelphia Dips. However, we know it’s also a time when double dippers are rampant,” says Megan Magnuson, associate marketing director for Philadelphia. “That’s why we created the Philadelphia Dips Double Diptector. It will alert partygoers of double dippers, so they can protect their delicious Philadelphia Dips and avoid double dipping mishaps.”

Source: The Drum

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