Del Monte & Blammo Want us to Swap Facebook Breaks for Something Healthier

Office antics abound in the latest from Toronto-based creative agency Blammo for Del Monte Refrigerated Fruit Cups.

Most people want to eat healthier. But most us also believe we don’t have time to eat the recommended amount of fruit – especially during a busy day at the office. The Del Monte “Take a Fruit Break” campaign aims to debunk that myth by pointing out that the time spent taking numerous breaks at work to drink coffee, gossip or go on Facebook – is time we could use to grab a fruit break, if we wanted.

The 30-second TV spot features “Spencer”, the lovable office slacker, and “Jane”, the consummate professional. Throughout the spot, we see Spencer’s hilarious breaks contrasted with Jane’s work grind. Ultimately, Jane finally takes a few minutes to relax and take a break of her own, a fruit break, with a Del Monte Refrigerated Fruit Cup.

The broadcast campaign is supported OOH which continues the office culture theme. The three ads feature simple statements about different types of breaks such as “If your colleagues have time for a coffee break, you have time for a fruit break” or  “If your colleagues have time for a gossip break, you have time for a fruit break”.

Del Monte is a division of ConAgra Foods. The campaign is currently running in Calgary and Quebec.

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