Design Bridge create ‘wild and rebellious’ new chocolate range for Fortnum & Mason

New range appeals to a more adventurous audience through provocative flavour profiles and distinctive packaging featuring eclectic mixed-media collages.

Design Bridge is excited to announce the details of its latest work for Fortnum & Mason: a brand new range of chocolates created to appeal to a more contemporary audience. The new caramels, pralines and ganache range has been created to sit alongside the brand’s English Handmade Chocolates, which Design Bridge also worked on, to cater to more adventurous and experimental tastes. 

Design Bridge has created the range’s disruptive packaging designs, which are based on bespoke eclectic mixed-media collages created to express the provocative flavour profiles of the chocolates, and appeal to a new generation of consumers. Alongside the packaging, Design Bridge’s 3D team also created an exclusive new chocolate mold for the range. 

Chloé Templeman, Creative Director from Design Bridge London, commented, “This range is all about pushing the boundaries in terms of flavour, and some of the more experimental ingredients include yuzu & chilli, black truffle, and oud. We see the range as a rebellious cousin to Fortnum & Mason’s English Handmade Chocolates, which are more traditional in character. The big challenge for this project was to bring the disruptive spirit of the new chocolates to life using design that would appeal to a more adventurous chocolate-lover, whilst maintaining the sophistication of the Fortnum & Mason brand.”

The range is divided into two collections, which Design Bridge describe on pack as ‘A curious selection of caramels’ and ‘A wild selection of nutty pralines and velvety ganache’. Both collections come in four different sizes, plus a large box that combines them all, and Design Bridge crafted the collages individually to ensure that they suited all of the different formats across the range.  

Design details include:  

  • Mixed-media collages that bring out the rebellious and experimental character of the range.
  • Eclectic photography, illustration and textures layered together to create abstract patterns relating to the provocative flavour profiles.
  • Brambles, feathers, flowers, butterflies and foliage have been woven together in a deliberately dark and mysterious design, creating a disruptive contrast to the English Handmade Chocolates.
  • A deep shade of teal adds further mystery and depth to the design while vibrant yellow, orange and flashes of gold express the dynamic, rebellious spirit of the range

Design Bridge also worked closely with Fortnum & Mason’s chocolatiers to create a brand new mold for the range. Envisaged as a classic oval with a twist, the design is inspired by organic shapes found in contemporary architecture to complement the eclectic range of flavours. Created for exclusive use by Fortnum & Mason, the mold has been carefully designed to deliver optimum mouthfeel and taste, and will only be used for this range of chocolates.

Yvonne Isherwood, Design Manager at Fortnum & Mason, commented, “Design Bridge has successfully managed to create a beautiful and intriguing world for the chocolates. The design marries a sense of mystery with the depth of the experimental flavours, and the adventurous spirit of the range as a whole and we can’t wait to introduce them to our customers.”

Source: Design Bridge

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