Digital Arts Network Helps Krispy Kreme Australia Unveil New Website

Krispy Kreme Australia, makers of delicious and aesthetically pleasing ergonomically designed doughnuts, has launched a new ecommerce store via Digital Arts Network Sydney, on the interwebs to let customers buy actual real Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

The site was awarded Best eCommerce Website by ADMA at the AC&E awards last month for creative and effectiveness in advertising.

KrispyKreme1The new Magento-powered CMS website contains lovingly crafted pixels that have been reimagined to create a doughnut shopping interface for mobile and desktop browser systems. This joyful new experience allows doughnut lovers to drag and drop a variety of virtual doughnuts into their empty box, which are then converted into real-world doughnuts and delivered to their doorstep.

Temando powers Krispy Kreme’s new online distribution system. Temando is not a real man, but rather a powerful fulfilment platform that makes sure the doughnuts reach their end destination: people’s mouths. With freshness at the top of Krispy Kreme’s priorities, conquering this complex distribution matrix was no easy task. So, not being sure which doughnut to order is no longer a first world problem thanks to the custom-built dough-slicer feature which allows you to slice through and reveal the delicious fillings available.

You can even shake your phone with excitement, triggering a random selection of doughnuts to cascade into your Krispy Kreme doughnut box. The site is easily updatable to feature seasonal and occasional content, most recently the ‘Lickable’ Decadent Dessert range was showcased allowing visitors to virtually lick doughnuts.

Customers can also choose to collect real-world doughnuts in real time from a real person in one of Krispy Kreme’s many real-world stores or direct you to one of our partner outlets, like 7-Eleven.

KrispyKreme2Want to raise some serious dough? Krispy Kreme’s FUNdraising opportunities are now available on the website – a great way to help registered charities, your community or educational institutions.

With lines down the street of their new stores, the launch of this site and delivery system represent a massive step forward in Krispy Kreme’s Australian development. What better reason do you need to give in to that craving for a classic-glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut?

Says Russell Schulman, digital business manager, Krispy Kreme: “Krispy Kreme has seen massive improvements in engagement across the site with dwell time up 360% and repeat visitation jumping up by 252%. We came in wanting a completely new site that would enhance the joy of visiting a Krispy Kreme store, with full e-com capabilities, but one that didn’t look like a traditional e-com site and DAN helped us to deliver, without doubt, the world’s best doughnut website that we are incredibly proud of.”

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