Discover The “Whisky Confidential” Campaign By LABEL 5

995f0703-c5db-4c53-8337-3329beff767f.HRLeading Scotch Whisky brand LABEL 5 reveals an exclusive partnership with bartenders around the world who have created innovative and tasty cocktails with LABEL 5 Classic Black. In addition to this digital campaign called “Whisky Confidential”, LABEL 5 announces being partner of the IBA’s World Cocktail Championships for 2015.

With its videos, LABEL 5 invites its consumers to enter into private and trendy bars to get exclusive cocktail recipes imagined by the bartenders.

Reflecting the latest whisky-based cocktails trends in Shanghai, New York and London, LABEL 5 stays true to its international and contemporary positioning while offering a new experience that enhances the smoothness and balanced character of its core reference LABEL 5 Classic Black.

Passionate Brooklynite cocktail

Dive into the craziness of New York with Johnny, charismatic bartender at Feather Weight, and discover its PASSIONATE BROOKLYNITE cocktail – a fruity and tasty creation that will delight all cocktail lovers.

“Juice and spirits, it’s a classic combination but with the hint of smoke, barley and oak from the LABEL 5, the drink is really fresh and flavourful.”

Shanghai Kiss cocktail

Sweet and delicate, this is what defines the SHANGHAI KISS cocktail imagined by Daniel, barman at Starling, who was elected best bartender by Time Out Shanghai in 2014.

“LABEL 5 Classic Black is a very nice Scotch Whisky with some nutty, floral and dry fruit flavours. Because it’s easy to drink and not too expensive, LABEL 5 is perfect to use as a cocktail base.”

5 Ways to London cocktail

With Vinny, owner of Jago in London, taste the sweet combination of London craft beer and LABEL 5 Classic Black in the delicious 5 WAYS TO LONDON cocktail.

“I wanted to create a drink that was light and fresh. LABEL 5 is a great Scotch for cocktails as it has a well-balanced and complex flavour which enables you to work with different notes.”

The videos will be broadcasted worldwide on Youtube and Facebook. Stay tuned as more recipes may be released in the next few months…

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