Dominos Unveil New Ads for DXP Delivery Car Launch in the US

dominos-dxp-2Pizza takeout chain Dominos is giving customers the chance to snag a concept DXP delivery car for their local chain.

The specially equipped deliver car, featuring an on-board cooker and the capacity to hold 80 pizzas is currently in use in 25 markets, with 100 cars in action.

The company is giving customers the chance to support their local Domino’s chain with the drive, by letting them vote which one an extra DXP goes to.

dominos-dxp-1Russell Weiner, president of Domino’s USA, said: “At Domino’s, we are so serious about pizza delivery that we produced a vehicle that includes features like a built-in warming oven and the capacity to hold 80 pizzas. Now that we’re featuring these cars in our new ads, we know that even more consumers are going to want to see a DXP in their neighborhood. So in the spirit of democracy, we’re letting customers vote for what store should get the chance to win a new DXP. May the best candidate win.”

The brand claims it is ‘taking pizza where it has never been before’ with the specialised vehicles that cost around $25,000.

Check out the new ad from Domino’s US agency of record CP&B below:

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